Travel and Accommodation

TRAVEL information

Directly to OHRID
Ohrid city is located in the southwest part of Macedonia around 200 km from the city of Skopje. There are several direct connections to Ohrid city when travel by plain or bus (the city doesn’t have a train station).

  • Bus transport
    You can consult official Ohrid transport agency Galeb to see for which countries – cities they have direct lines, or check some private bus transport agency in your countries to see other possible options.
  • Airplane transport
    Ohrid city has a small airport – St. Apostol Pavle Airport with several line connections. You can check the connections on the airport web site.

If your flight arrives at Ohrid airport the best transport to Ohrid Scout Centre is by taxi. The prices are around €5-7(300- 500 MKD) We recommended these taxi companies:
Taxi Delux+ 389 46 26608
Bel Mercedes 13-800 (+389 46 263807)
Mercedes 13166(+ 389 46 269192/ + 389 46 256956)

At the airport, you can find Exchange Office or you can takeout Macedonian Denars (MKD) from the ATA machine inside the terminal, located in the hall on your left, after passing the Information desk. Due to very bad rate rate at the Airport Exchange Office, it is better to takeout Macedonian Denars (MKD) by ATA machine.

  • Car transport
    For car transport, you should consult While in Macedonia be aware that you need to pay tools. Usually one way to Ohrid you need to cross maximum 4 tools station and the average price per tool is around 1 euro.


In most of the cases you can travel to Ohrid from the capital city Skopje. You can arrive in Skopje by plain, train and bus.

  • Arrival at Skopje Aleksandar the Great Airport and transport to Skopje International bus station

If you arrive at Skopje Airport you need to go to the Skopje International bus station, from where you can take a bus to Ohrid. For this transport, you can use bus or taxi.

At the airport you can find Exchange Office or you can takeout Macedonian Denars (MKD) from the ATA machine inside the terminal, located in the hall on your left, after passing the Information desk. Due to very bad rate at the Airport Exchange Office, it is better to takeout Macedonian Denars (MKD) by ATA machine.

//bus transport// Vardar Express is the sole bus company that provide transport on relation Skopje Airport – City of Skopje and back.

One-way bus ride takes about 30 min. and costs around €3 (175 MKD). You can buy the ticket at airport (on bus station desk Vardar express) or in the bus from the driver. The whole ride has 4 bus stops, and you need to go out on the second stop – International Bus Station. See the link with the stations and timetable of buses.

//taxi transport// If you prefer to go with taxi, you can take one from those packed at the departure exit or call and order a taxi. The price difference is around 5 euros (20 euro = 1200 MKD for airport taxis or 15 euro = 900 MKD for taxi on call). We recommend you to call your own taxi. You can also ask at the airport info desk to call for you.  We recommend these companies:

Nashe Taxi +3890215153 / Elite Taxi  +3890215169 / DeLuxe Taxi +3890215178 / Pulstars Taxi +3890215177 / Plava Laguna +3890215192 / Global Taxi +389215180

  • Bus transport from Skopje International bus station to Ohrid bus station

There is a regular bus transport (average on every 30 min.) from Skopje to Ohrid. Here is the link of Skopje International bus station where you can find the schedule and time tables of buses:

Depends on the transporter the average one way ticket costs are 450-520 MKD (7-8 euro) or returnable ticket 680 – 750 MKD (11 – 12 euro).

From Skopje to Ohrid (20.08 2017) first bus leaves at 05:30, last one at 19:30

From Ohrid to Skopje (29.08.2017) first bus leaves at 05:00, last one at 19:30

We advise you to make a reservation of your returnable tickets or buy on way ticket several days before your departure from Ohrid at Ohrid bus station.

You can additionally use the following link for obtaining information on rain and bus timetables, tickets price, and stations for more then 150 transporters in Macedonia


Ohrid Scout centre is located at the exit of Ohrid city, and the best way is to take taxi to the Scout centre. Here are some numbers you can call to order: Taxi Delux+ 389 46 266088/ Bel Mercedes 13-800 (+389 46 263807)/ Mercedes 13166(+ 389 46 269192/ + 389 46 256956)



SCOUT CENTER OHRID – Daljan settlement – 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia

The Scout Center is located at the exit of City of Ohrid (the old road to Struga) in Daljan settlement. It is located only 2 kilometres (20 minutes walk) from the Ohrid city centre. Scout center Ohrid has its own beach, kitchen and dining room, sport fields and wide green areas. Scout centre has a private bat by the beach.

Please note that you will all share the Scout Centre facilities, but there can also be other individuals/groups non-related to the NOMAD DANCE ACADEMY SUMMER. It is of a great importance to take care of the common space and your cohabitants and take care of the beautiful nature – not leavening any garbage/empty bottles on the green areas or by the lake.

  • Accommodation
    You will be accommodated in bungalows and houses.
  • Your Room
    The Scout Centre has nice and clean rooms with all needed basic facilities (beds, small closets, table, and chairs). Each room can accommodate from 2 to 4 people, which means you will share your room with 1 or 2 participants from  NOMAD DANCE ACADEMY SUMMER. The organiser will make the best possible accommodation arrangements according to number of participants. Each room has its own bathroom with basic facilities (soup, shower gel, toilet paper). Please bring your own towels with you!
  • Moving in
    Upon your arrival in the Scout Centre, you should go to the Registration Desk, which location will be clearly marked on the main entrance. There you will get your welcome package from the NOMAD SUMMER TEAM, who will show your room and give you basic information about the working schedule.
  • Key
    There is only one key available per room. You could leave your key at the reception desk, whenever you leave the Scout Centre.  Please be very cautious with your key- in case of loss; please report to the reception disk.
    The programme covers breakfast and diner for all participants organised in the central dining room with the capacity of 300 people. Experienced cooks will prepare the food with the needed level of proteins.
  • Working SPACE
    There are two separate working areas in the Scout Centre – one large conference/practice room available for afternoon/evening “open space” session and one smaller working room with tables/chairs.
  • Additional program
    In the Scout Centre you can use all spaces and recreational facilities and equipment (football and basketball fields, kayaking, sailing and rafting, archery, polygons, orientation trails, sailing, etc.)
  • Receiving mail
     In case you need to receive mail during NOMAD DANCE ACADEMY SUMMER, please use this address:
    Your name
    Daljan settlement, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia
  • ROOM-cleaning
    Your room will be cleaned every second day, sometime from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 14:00. Please keep the room in clean condition. Empty your garbage on a regular basis. Take it out and dispose of it in the garbage containers.
  • Laundry
    You can use the Scout Centre laundry if needed. Information about the individual payment and way of using you can found on the reception desk.
  •   Internet access
    Wireless-LAN is available only in the working space. On the information desk you will get the network name and password. Please let us know if there are any problems with connectivity!
  • Moving out
    The day of your departure from the Scout Center Ohrid is August 29
    -On the departure day, please vacate your room, and return your keys by 12:00 the latest
    -Please empty your garbage
    -Strip away the sheets of your bed, blanket and pillow and leave them on the floor
    -Close the windows and roll up the blinds
    -Take all your belongings with you and lock the door


The workshop program will be held in the SCOUT CENTRE OHRID
For going  to the SCOUT Centre from the city you can have 40 min walk(see the map)

Or you can Rent a bike
The rental cost is € 10.00 per day. If you are interested to rent the bike for the period of the Festival please contact the reception desk.In case you would like to Rent a car here are some renting companies:
KVIN (street. Partizanska bb, Ohrid, telephone: +389 46 261 693)
ROLEKS (street. Dame Gruev br.12, telephone: +389 46 269 191)
Online city map of Ohrid


  • Important telephone numbers / Emergency
Police 192
Emergency Medical Assistance 194
Fire brigade 193
Emergency road service 196
For road information 9801
  • Useful Information

Electricity: 220V 50Hz
Water: Safe for drink
Time: GMT/UTC plus 1 hour
City postal code: Ohrid 6000
The country code for calling Macedonia is +389 and the city code for Ohrid is 46.
To make an international call you must first dial 00 (or add +) and then the country code.


Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport
1043, Petrovec – Macedonia
Tel: +389 (2) 3 21 20 30 / 40
Fax: +389 (2) 2 56 22 07
Information tel: +389 (2) 3148 333

Telex: 51480
Ohrid “St. Paul The Apostle” Airport 
P.O.Box 134 Ohrid 6000, Macedonia
Tel: +389 (46) 25 28 30
Fax: +389 (46) 25 28 40
Information tel:
++ 389 46 252 820
++ 389 46 252 821
++ 389 46 262 503




You can change money at any bank in the city. Private exchange offices points are also around in Ohrid. Private exchange office rates:

1 EUR = 61,35 MKD
1 CHF = 55,25 MKD
1 USD = 55,35 MKD
1 SEK = 6,25 MKD
1GBP = 71.90 MKD



bul. “Turisitchka“ no. 48
6000 Ohrid
Telephone: +389 (0)46 260 022
Fax: +389 (0)46 260 021
Working time: 08:30-16:30
Saturday: 09:00-13:00



bul. “Partizanska“ no. 24
6000 Ohrid
Telephone: +389 (02) 3167-402
Fax: +389 (02) 3247-499
Working time: 07:30-18:00
Saturday: 08:00-14:00



bul. “Partizanska“ no. bb
6000 Ohrid
Telephone: + 389 46 251 360, + 389 251 – 350
Working time: 08:30-16:30
Saturday: 09:00-13:00



Exchange Office London AS M
Dimitar Vlahov 46
Tel: +389 46 511 162

Exchange Office Rainbow
Comple Letnica
St. Climed of Ohrid
Tel: +389 78 221 887

Exchange Office – Korzo Money Gram
St. Clement of Ohrid 49
Tel: +389 46 263 267


Address: Nikola Karev 6000 Ohrid
Tel: 046/ 273-150
Fax: 046/ 265- 250
Working hours:
Mon- Sat 08:00- 19:00
Sun: 09:00- 15:00


Daily fresh fruits, vegetables and other things
Address: Bul. Turisticka
Opening hours 09:00- 16:00

Adress: 7th November, bb Ohrid
Tel: 046/ 209-014
Working hours: 08:000- 22:00

Address: Kliment Ohridski num. 1
Tel: 023248213
Working hours: 08:00-22:00

Working hours: 08:00- 22:00

OHRID city

OHRID- The UNESCO protected city, the pearl of Balkans

*Places to visit


Saint John the Theologian, Kaneo or simply Saint John at Kaneo is a Macedonian Orthodox church situated on the cliff over Kaneo Beach Overlooking Lake Ohrid in the city of Ohrid. The church is located on a headland that gives 180 degree views of the lake and back towards town. The church which was consecrated at the end of the 13th century was built on a rectangular stone base. Its exterior is decorated with ceramic decorative sculptures and stone carvings. When you stand in front of the church and see the blue waters of the lake, you will certainly understand why medieval monks found spiritual inspiration here. It is a 20min uphill walk from the city.


As with most Byzantine churches, St. Naum was chosen primarily for its location – on a high, rocky outcropping over the lake, above deep forests and life-giving springs of the river Crn Drim. Situated 29 km (18 m) from the town of Ohrid and only 1 kilometer (0.6 m) from the Albanian border, the monastery brings the Macedonian experience to a dramatic culmination. A peculiar element of St. Naum is located not on the inside of the church but on the outside: the preponderance of multi-colored peacocks strutting around and luxuriating in the grass. Despite all this, give it a try to hear the saint’s heartbeat by pressing an ear to his coffin inside the church. This is an old story in which many people believe and want to experience.

We strongly recommend the boat trip to St Naum’s monastery from Ohrid, costing €10 each. It’s about 90 minutes each way, and passes wonderful scenic views of the Macedonian countryside.


The springs of the Black Drim are near the monastery of St. Naum. The water feeds forty-five springs from Lake Prespa making a huge, lake like spring, which flows into Ohrid Lake here, and out at Struga 35 km across the Lake. The water is cold and clear like nowhere else, and the area is inhabited by wild ducks and other birds. Take a rowboat tour to see the springs and get closer to this mini paradise.


In a tiny park on the outskirts of Ohrid, the waters of the Biljana Springs connect the mountain to the lake. Hundreds of springs feed Lake Ohrid with fresh water, but none is as famous as Biljana. The springs are fed by the waters of Lake Prespa passing under the mountain. They also provide drinking water for the city of Ohrid. The story of the beauty of Biljana Springs is retold through a love song that is one of Ohrid’s most popular traditional songs.


St. Sofia is one of the best examples of 9th century architecture from the Middle ages. The church was built during the First Bulgarian Empire, after the official conversion to Christianity. Some sources date the building of the church during the rule of Knyaz Boris I (852 – 889). A detail from the church is depicted on the reverse of the Macedonian 1000 denars banknote, issued in 1996 and 2003  It looks particularly nice in the warm light of sunset so try to pass by in early evening.

Tickets: 100MKD(€1.63)


Being the largest and most beautiful out of Macedonia’s three tectonic lakes, Lake Ohrid is about 30 kilometers (18 miles) long and round 288 meters (945 feet) deep. While the lake is filled up by water from three rivers, most of Ohrid’s water comes from another lake – Prespa which is located on the other side of Mountain Galicica. With its unique flora and fauna characteristic of the tertiary period (2-4 million years ago), Ohrid is one of Europe’s great biological reserves. Most of the lake’s plant and animal species are endemic and unique to Ohrid.

The importance of the lake was further emphasized when it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 and when, in 2010, NASA decided to name one of Titan’s lakes after Lake Ohrid.


Tsar Samoil fortress is considered one of the largest preserved fortifications in Macedonia. The three kilometers of towers and high walls, were originally built to protect the town on the three sides not facing the lake. During Tsar Samoil’s time, Ohrid became a medieval metropolis. Until the late 14th and early 15th century, the population lived within the city walls. There’s great views of the historic old-town Ohrid, newer Ohrid and Lake Ohrid, including many of the historic churches and monasteries nearby. It is used as an open-air theatre stage during the Ohrid Summer Festival.

Tickets: €1


Depending on your desire there are numerous beaches on the coastline of Ohrid Lake (link below). Scout Center Ohrid also has its own private beach, as part of its complex.