Walk Poems

by Ivana Ivković

A workshop on dance & discourse by Ivana Ivković

“So my question was walking, and my answer is… walking.” – Steve Paxton

The eight day workshop will address the practice of walking through its historical, poetic, political and choreographic dimensions.
From the peripatetic to flânerie and onto the pedestrian, the simple action of placing one foot in front of another maps a cartography of  casual strolls, meditations, protest marches, artistic actions and dance choreographies. We’ll walk and talk, move and think, stumble and instagram.

Participants are welcome to bring forth their own walking practices and to engage with the group through both practical and discursive approaches in posing strong questions on how we make, watch, teach, think, talk and walk the field of dance today. The workshop will be held in the English language, but non-English speakers will be accommodated, as will any non-walkers.