Darko Dragičević

Visual Artist

Darko Dragičević
(Belgrade RS, 1979) lives in Berlin and works internationally as a Visual Artist and Filmmaker. He holds a MFA (Hons) in Visual Arts and a BA in Visual Communication from The International College of Arts & Sciences in Milan and a Filmmaking diploma from New York Film Academy, New York City.

Dragičević’s focus is in interdisciplinary projects and his research lies in cross methods within the fields of visual arts, film and performance.

His works have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions such as David Zwirner Gallery New York, The Armory Show New York and OTTO ZOO Gallery Milan. His short films have been presented in numerous curated events and International film festivals such as Goethe-Institut Kyoto, FRAME International Dance Film Festival London and Deutsches Tanzarchiv Cologne.

His most recent projects include: Sonic Extensions, a performance realized in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Martin Sonderkamp and Splendid Chaos – a site specific performance and further more workshops and seminars realized in collaboration with Cologne Philharmonie, Beethoven Festival Bonn, HfMT University for Music and Dance Cologne, ZZT Centre for Contemporary Dance and KHM Academy for Media Arts Cologne presented during Kollaborationen Festival, American Postmodern Dance, Music, Sound in Cologne and Bonn.

As a Director he received awards from the Bosifest 7th International Film Festival for and by people with disabilities in Belgrade, 57th International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen and Casa del Cinema in Rome.

Dragičević frequently works in the field of education. He taught at TQW- Tanzquartier Wien and at HfMT- University for Music and Dance Cologne/ZZT Centre for Contemporary Dance.

Scripting Contingencies

How to navigate the Not-Yet-Nameable
Workshop taught by Darko Dragičević and Martin Sonderkamp

Darko Dragičević and Martin Sonderkamp work together as an artist duo since 2014. As a common point of interest, their work explores how spaces unfold toward bodies and how bodies affect their spatial surroundings. Their artistic dialogue has developed into a shared practice between dance, visual art and choreography, resulting in the performances Sonic Extensions (2017), Approximations (2015), Task 14 (2014), the video works Architecture of Affect (2015)  and Zone (2014) and the workshop formats Extensions, Ode to Mrs. Brown and Frames Everyday.

The seminar is an invitation into artistic research, based on our pracitical experience and understanding of choreography and visual art as reciprocally extended practices. The seminar is open to practitioners and students from the fields of visual art, choreography, dance, music and performance. It focuses on exploring transformation as a vital force during artistic research on which basis we will create visual and bodily matter and in turn shape varied dynamics of perceptual awareness.

We will introduce scripting as a method through which to bring into existence and explore that which in its stage of becoming appears as something not yet nameable, articulable through words. We will practice and excercise how to temporarily withdraw from naming, justifying and explaining solely through words in order to make sensible, to practice and to articulate different ways of thinking with and through the body and the senses. Thematically and practiclaly, the workshop builds on three different, yet related fields of practice:

1) In Writing as installation, we will foucus on developing text into a spatial situation in which the body responds and extends into the writing.

2) In Cinematic Language as Movement we will fabricate maps and visual scripts devised from cinema.

3) In Listening as Somatic Reverberation we will use scripts that highlight sound as accumulated memory projected onto discrete layers of physical and bodily space.

In the later stages of the workshop we will practice to alter and hybridize the scipts and scores developed alongside different tasks in the aforementioned fields of practice.