The Dots

by Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld

 “The dots” a movement research practice developed by Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld

This method aims to work as a tool to both acknowledge and avoid the usual organisation, rhythm, habits and sequence in our improvisation, and thus resets the body in an unexpected way.
The body will be used as a space and “the dot “ as “the author” inside that empty space.
We will be working on exploring simple ideas of changing the focus from our body parts as the once that start the movement, to practicing a very precise “point ” placed anywhere within our body which initiates the movement.
Many exercises are used in a way to give/gain trust to making any kind of choice as the exact right time/moment. Not judging anything as a wrong choice, but rather observing the decisions that have been made by now and composing and deciding further in relation to what has just happened.
Triggering the very fast “aller-retour” between the decisions we make for the body and the response and information our body sends back to us and understanding this dialogue is a valuable input for further impulses/actions.