Iskra Shukarova


Iskra Shukarova accomlished her contemporary dance studies at the National Conservatorium Superior in Lyon. In 2002 she obtained her Master’s Degree at the Laban Center – London. She has completed numerous dance trainings with established artists. Sukarova’s pieces have toured regionally and internationally. She has been honored with fellowships such as Arts Link and Dance Web. Sukarova was a principal soloist in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet since 1991. She is one of the founders of Lokomotiva- Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture. She is also the co-founder and co-programer of the contemporary dance festival Locomotion in Skopje and one of the founders of the Balkan Dance Network and the NOMAD Dance Academy project. Since 2010 Shukarova is a professor at the state Music Faculty – department of Dance pedagogy in Skopje. In February 2014 she obtained her PHD at the state faculty of Theatre Arts in Skopje.

From outward-inward

The class will explore the existing links between movements stemming from spiral, circle and angular forms. The process of working with these concrete forms will lead to establishing new links between both the physical and somatic experiences. The main question is what you will experience within your body after applying these forms. The focus of exploration in the class is how the movements created from the above mentioned forms affect the body from within. The aim of the workshop is to emphasize the internal physical perception.

The workshop will consist of three segments. In each segment the suggested forms (spiral, circle and angular forms) will be explored through the methods of structured improvisation and other various individual and group tasks.