by Gregor Kamnikar, Gisela Müller, Dejan Srhoj, Rok Vevar

Core team: Gregor Kamnikar, Gisela Müller, Dejan Srhoj, Rok Vevar and guests

CoTeaching is a format that understands the teaching act as a learning act. It provides multiple perspectives and asymmetrical organization of teaching processes which facilitate (re)active teaching and learning experiences. It is a way of creating knowledge in which two, three or more teachers teach the same dance training or a workshop.

Co-Teaching creates a space for dialogue, openness and constant negotiation in order to step into the unknown which allows us to find new possibilities and strategies in our practice. The Rules of the training are specified through certain scores which are adaptable to specific situation, participants and intention of the work to be done.

Co-Teaching is a format that was developed within the Nomad Dance Academy Network and  has been realized in the last years in Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia.